Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lab 8: Time lapse lab 1

Camera Works 2
Time-lapse lab 1 (lab 8)

To be shot in the photo studio or in the computer lab/printing area if there is not enough room in the studio.

Choose your angle and lens wisely. Talk to those that are using the space and try to understand what space they will occupy so that you can cover as much interesting movement as possible.

Use a tripod, and a remote trigger if you have one.

Before you start:
-Meter carefully. Be in full Manual Mode. Shoot a few exposures. Check your histogram to see if you are exposing properly.
-Choose the WB that relates to the scene you are in. Evaluate the light and correct for the strongest light in the scene (again you should take a few test shots). Create a custom WB for your setting (as we saw earlier on in the semester) if you so not seem able to correct the colour of light with your presets.
-Use Manual Focus. Place your focus with auto if you want and then switch your lens to Manual Focus.
-If using a high ISO use the appropriate noise reduction (as learned during a previous lab).
-Shoot in small or medium sized JPG Resolution
- Shoot your hand in front of the lens as your last image before the stop motion, this will be a marker as to where your stop motion starts.

For the stop motion:
-Shoot approx. 200 images of the scene
-Import into iMovie:
·      Theater – New Movie – Click on Import Media and bring your images in
·      iMovie – Preferences – Photo Placement (choose Fit), Photo Duration (choose 0.1)
·      Then drag all your images into the timeline at the bottom of the screen
·      You can change the duration for one or more images by clicking on the i
·      You can add music in the Audio section. This will find sound from iTunes and you can drag the song you want in to your timeline. You do not need to add music to this time-lapse (but you do need to for the final)
·      Once your movie looks good go to File – Share – File – Medium quality – 1080p. This may take 30 minutes or more. To see progress click on top right hand circle in your iMovie screen.

This will be used as one of your day in the life clips in your final assignment (so do not loose the images or movie made!)

Put your mp4 movie in my KHutchinson dropbox before the end of class time.

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