Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Lab 7: Save the pixels

Save the Pixels Lab (5%)

Take portraits of each other outside, using a white foam core as background, creating the Richard Avedon “American West” look. Fill your frame with the white so that we don’t see any of the outdoors. Try with and without a reflector in order to fill in the shadows in the eyes. If it is sunny shoot completely in the shadow of a building (no sun in the image). You will need to photograph three people. Try to capture interesting expressions as well as fulfilling the technical assignment.

**For one subject shoot at ISO 400, shoot three images:
1.     Expose according to your camera meter.
2.     Add one stop of exposure (+1)
3.     Reduce one stop of exposure (-1)

Submit the three images. Which gives the best exposure? Why do you think that is?

**For a second subject shoot at ISO 1600. Shoot two images:
1.     At the right exposure (according to what you learned above)
2.     One that is underexposed by one stop

Submit the whole well expose image. Also submit a screen caps of each image at 100%. In which image is the noise worse?

**For a third subject. Shoot two images:
1.     One in RAW
2.     One in JPG

Submit one of the images whole. Also submit screen caps of each image at 100%. What is the difference between the JPG and the RAW image screen caps?

The lab must be up on your blog before the end of the class period.

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