Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Assignment 4: Time Lapse

Dawson Professional Photography
Camera Works 2
Final Assignment: Time Lapse Movie (20%)

The purpose of this assessment is to satisfy competency #0492: Photograph on location and in studio, and to execute the following course objective:

·       Synthesize all of the objectives listed on the course outline in the creation of digital photographs.

Students will create a time-lapse film with the following criteria:
1.    The film should represent the theme given in class (A day in your life).
2.    Final Film length (not including opening titles and final credits) should be 30-45 seconds long.
3.    Final film should include at least 5 individual time-lapse clips (but preferably more).
4.    Include clips shot both in studio and out of studio.
5.    Include a change in light and time of day in at least one of your time-lapse clips.
6.    Include clips with and without moving objects in the frame.
7.    Include clips shot with a wide-angle lens, and clips shot with a telephoto lens.
8.    All editing must be done using the software and method demonstrated in class.
9.    Include an opening title, and closing credits.
10. Include music in your film.

What to submit
Place the finished exported film in my electronic dropbox before the beginning of class, week 15 (May 10th).

Students will be evaluated on the following:
1.    Composition.
2.    Creativity
3.    Ability to analyze the shooting assignment and demonstrate mastery of:

A.    Exposure control
·       Suitable aperture
·       Suitable shutter speed (both for exposure and subject)
·       Suitable ISO
·       Suitable in-camera metering
B.    Image quality
·       Image resolution
·       Dynamic range
·       Noise
C.    Color balance
·       Ability to use color balance accurately
·       Ability to use color balance creatively
D.   Lens management
·       Suitable choice of lens
·       Accurate focus
E.    Camera management
·       Control of camera shake

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