Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Assignment 2: Light Painting

Camera Works 2
Assignment 3 - Photograph your Room at Night/Light Painting

Worth 10%
Due (on your blog) 8am Wed March 29th

Photograph the same scene (your room at night) in three ways:

1.    Photograph your room (or part of it: a detail) while painting it with a constant light. Wear black and move through the space painting it. Try not to be between the camera and the light, try not to point the light at the camera (making a small snoot for the light can help). Use a very long exposure (30 sec or longer). Use WB tungsten/incandescent if this is the type of light you are using (basically choose the appropriate WB). Use a low ISO in order to avoid noise. You will need to do a few tests to see how long you need to paint an area with the light in order to have it be well exposed.

2.    Photograph your whole room while painting it with a flash. Again wear black and don’t be between the camera and the flash, and don’t point the flash towards the camera when setting it off (again a small snoot can help). Set the flash off three or more times, move through your room so that the light is coming from different directions with each flash. Gels can be used if you want. Set your WB to flash. Use a low ISO and a long exposure. It is best to meter your flash with a hand held light meter as demoed in class.

3.    Now point your constant light towards the camera and write/draw with the light to create interesting trailing lights in your room. Use a long exposure, low ISO and appropriate WB.

·      Shoot in JPG format (large file size)
·      Use a deep DOF (ex: f/22 or other small aperture openings)
·      Use whichever noise reduction setting works best for you, as you always get more noise in low light situations.
·      Use a self-timer in order to avoid camera shake and also so that you have time to get ready to paint (also use a tripod throughout).
·      Evaluate your histograms in order to see if you have the right exposure.

·      Make sure all lights are off in your room before you start.

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