Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lab 4: Creative White Balance

1. In the library (in the main area, not in the stacks):

  • Shoot with Auto WB
  • Try your different WB presets and see if any of them correct the colour better than AWB
  • Do a custom WB for this light and then shoot the same scene using the custom WB
  • Submit: 3 images of the same scene. Label which was shot with AWB, a WB preset, and a custom WB.
2. Shoot in an area where there are two different colours of light

  • ex: near a window where you are getting shade light and fluorescent light. Shoot the scene with AWB, shade preset, and fluorescent preset. Submit: these three images. Describe how the colour changes in each image (even if the changes are subtle)
3. Purposefully shoot with the wrong WB preset in order to introduce an overall colour cast to your image. Describe how this changes the feel of the image/scene for the better and for the worse.

Due on your blog before the end of class time. 

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