Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lab 3: Lenses

Part 1: Lens Focal length

Photograph two subjects: a still life scene and a scene with people

Still Life:
-Have two or more objects on a table top. One object close to the camera and another further away
-Shoot the scene with your different focal lengths. Make the foreground object take up the same amount of space in each image. This will mean that you need to move closer or further from the subject, depending on the focal length.
-submit 2 or 3 images (depending on your equipment, and describe your equipment at the beginning of your blog post) of different focal lengths, of this scene
-Remark on how depth perception and distortion and amount of background changes depending on the focal length of lens used

-Have two or more people, one closer and one farther
-With your camera on a tripod shoot the same scene with different focal lengths (as many as you have)
-submit 2 or 3 images (depending on your equipment) of different focal lengths, of this scene
-As well as on depth remark on how facial features can get distorted depending on the focal lengths used.

Part 2: Focal Length and Depth of Field

Shoot a subject of your choosing
-Use different Focal Lengths (different parts of your zoom) and shoot the same scene with the same aperture in each image
-Remark on how DOF changes with focal length changes
-Try a wide aperture and a small aperture for this part
-Submit 3 images of the same scene where the same aperture was used and differences in DOF can be seen

Part 3: Test your lens

-At a station set up put you camera on a tripod and make sure that your camera is parallel to the target.
-Test each lens focal length you have. For each lens (or focal length on your zoom) test each aperture (only full stops: 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22) and also test the widest and smallest apertures if they are not full stops (ex: f/3.5).
-So for each lens you will be taking 8 or more images
-If you only have one zoom lens then shoot at the widest, middle and most telephoto focal lengths (so 8 or more images per focal length).
-Submit 8 images and remark on any problems noticed at different focal lengths or at different apertures

More detailed info on testing your lens:

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