Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Assignment 2: Camera Review

Worth 10%, Due in class on March 1st

Do a 5 minute presentation on your specific camera

  • Make a powerpoint to accompany your presentation. Images you've taken with your camera can be featured. For ex: you could show a zoomed in image that shows how sharp an image is at your high ISO. Also your best images that feature your camera's abilities can be featured. You can also include images of your camera and how the menus are set up.
  • The idea is to sell the class on this camera. Educate others on your camera's strong points. Things to be covered: ISO and shutter ranges, sensor size and type, megapixels, etc.
  • Be honest. If your camera has severe drawbacks let us know about them as well. You could make a pros and cons list. 
Websites such a www.dpreview.com and www.bhphotovideo.com can be used as resources. 

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