Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lab 2: Aperture

Worth 5%, Due on your blog by the end of the period.
Check with me that I have received it before you leave
Try to get the lab done well before the end of the period as if it isn't complete I will send you out again to reshoot.

Borrow a tripod

  1. Shoot a still life scene:
    • Make sure your object is close to your camera
    • Focus on the object and shoot at 5 of these different apertures f/2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22 (going from your smallest number to your largest - which means that you will leave some middle apertures out) 
    • You will mostly likely need to use a tripod in order to accommodate these different apertures (as some of these choices will give you a shutter speed that is too slow to hand hold at)
    • Submit three images: shallow DOF, medium DOF and deep DOF. List the camera settings used. Describe the three images and how the sharpness or softness of the background obscures information or gives us information. How does the feeling and reading of the image change with changes in DOF? Which do you feel is the most effective of your images? 
    • (Three images to submit)

  1. Shoot a portrait:
    • In one image make the background blurry. In the other make the background sharp. List the camera settings used in each image. How does this change the image and also how does it change the reading of the portrait? 
    • (Two images to submit)

  1. Shoot an architecture image:
    • Shoot the image with a deep DOF. List the camera settings used. Use a tripod and compose carefully and come back with a strong architecture image. 
    • (One image to submit)

Do more than simply fulfill a technical exercise. Try to make interesting images. Be creative, think about light and composition, etc. A total of 6 images should be on your blog, with the descriptions requested.

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