Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lab 1: Shutter

Camera Works 2

Lab 1: Shutter Speed

Worth 5%, Due on your blog by the end of the period.
Check with me that I have received it before you leave

Borrow a tripod

  1. Shoot in a busy area of Dawson
  • Use a very slow shutter speed (as slow as you can go through use of a low ISO and a small aperture opening [large f#])
  • The purpose is to have a lot of ghosting of moving elements. So much so that some people may disappear
  • On your blog submit one of these images, where there is some ghosting. Include your aperture, shutter and ISO choices on your blog.

  1. Shoot hand held with slow shutter speeds
    • Steady yourself using walls, your pose, pressing gently on the shutter release, etc.
    • Start at 1/200 or go incrementally slower (by one stop each time)
    • See which image does not have camera shake
    • On your blog submit your slowest shutter image where there is no handshake. Also include a screen shot of this image zoomed in at 100%.  Include what this shutter speed is. Describe how you steadied yourself.

  1. Shoot motion frozen and motion blurred
  • You can model for each other (jumping, running, tossing a ball in the air, etc.)
  • Shoot the same motion frozen and blurred
  • On your blog submit one of each image. Give camera settings for each image and describe how you had to adjust your aperture and/or ISO in order to get the desired shutter speeds. Also describe how these different interpretations of motion make the images feel.

Do more than simply fulfill a technical exercise. Try to make interesting images. Be creative, think about light and composition, etc. A total of 5 images (including the screen shot) should be on your blog, with the descriptions requested.

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