Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lab 1: Shutter

Camera Works 2

Lab 1: Shutter Speed

Worth 5%, Due on your blog by the end of the period.

All or nothing (you get 5% or 0%). If you have done the lab but have not done it properly I will send you out to do it again.

Check with me that I have received your lab before you leave

Borrow or bring a tripod

This assignment is to creatively use very slow shutter speeds in order to mimic Frank Machalowski’s blurred crowds.

In order to do this we will need to use:

·      A tripod

·      A remote trigger or a self timer

·      Your lowest ISO

·      Your smallest aperture opening

·      To understand why you needed to make these two choices think about the exposure triangle (which we will go over in class)

·      If the shutter speed resulting from the above two choices is not slow enough then use a neutral density filter in front of your lens (I will show you these in class)

·      Also shooting in an area that is not too bright will allow you to access very slow shutter speeds

·      Images must be well exposed (not overexposed or underexposed) so pay attention to your light meter

·      Images must be shot in Raw, then converted to JPG (2000px on the long side) before being uploaded to your blog

Shoot in three different busy locations in Dawson.
Unless it is a very dark and cloudy day you will probably need to be shooting indoors.
Submit three images of blurred crowds, each from a different location, or at least the same location from a different point of view.

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