Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Assignment 1: Creative use of shutter and aperture

Worth 15%
Due on your blog on Feb 15th (before the beginning of class)

Shoot all subjects away from Dawson.
Do not use flash for this assignment.

1. Shoot a sport. ex: hockey, skiing, tobogganing, skating
    • Freeze the action. Pre-visualize and anticipate the action. Catch a surprising moment. The closer you can get to the action the better. If you are indoors you will need to compensate for the low light and choose a high ISO and a large aperture opening. 

2. Pan a moving object.
    • Using a slow shutter speed pivot and follow the motion in order to create a panning image. In a panning image the subject followed is sharp and the background is blurry. 

3. Shoot a night scene.
    • Using a very slow shutter have ghosted elements or trailing lights in your night scene. In night photography you can choose to star lights (with a small aperture opening) or not (wide aperture opening). You can use a low ISO and a small aperture opening and just compensate with using slower shutter speeds. Shoot many exposures of each scene (change only the shutter speed when doing so). This is called bracketing and you can automatically set up bracketing in your camera menu. 

4. Shoot a portrait with a shallow DOF. If the DOF is very shallow make sure that the eyes are sharp.

5. Shoot a landscape/cityscape with a deep DOF. You may need to use a tripod. As everything is in focus make sure that all elements in the image add and do not detract from the image.

Write about your experiences and your preferences for each image (what I asked you to do vs. how you may have wanted to shoot the subject).

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